Green for go!

12 April 2016
Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Elevation: 51m
Latitude: 78°22’32″N
Longitude: 15°62’67″E
Weather: Snowing
Temperature: -10°C
Distance covered today: 0km
Distance to North Pole: 1316km
Ed is feeling: Emotional

The sleds have been weighed and transferred to the airport and the first
technical flight has successfully landed at Camp Barneo. The Antonov-74
has turned around to come back to pick us up!!! We are wildly excited and
nervous and will soon be on the high Arctic sea ice. Thank you all for you
good wishes and support during the long wait in Longyearbyen. The time has
come. I have had the most incredible 8 months thanks in a huge part to the
people I’ve met on this most incredible of journeys. Time for talk is over
it’s time for doing. The North Pole is calling….